Vincent fleith - accueil

In 1994, Vincent stopped using artificial fertilizers, weed-killers and pesticides. In their place, he tills the soil, thus encouraging fauna and flora. Lupines, dandelions, daisies, poppies and wild garlic flower once again in the vineyards; the bees and other insects have returned.

1999, 2000, 2001, Vincent begins Biodynamics, with set tests, and the wines change radically

In 2008 he attains the 'Agriculture Biologique' label and the 'Demeter' label for biodynamics:
It is the best way 'to say what we do' and 'do what we say'!


It is important that we preserve the minerality and characteristics of Alsace's terroir in our wines.

The vinification process consists of doing as little as possible : indigenous yeasts, very little sulphur, no chaptalization (adding sugar), no aromatic yeast.